Legacy partners with the Green Beret Foundation

Khaled Kteily
3 min readAug 10, 2022

Legacy is partnering with the Green Beret Foundation to offer our sperm testing and freezing services at no cost to active duty members. Why are we doing this? Because in the middle of the most dangerous missions of their lives, no one should be worrying about what the future holds for family planning. And this is a natural extension of our exclusive program with the Navy SEALs.

Military service could add to fertility risks

Military members are far more likely to experience fertility issues — and considering how common fertility challenges are for the general population, this should tell you something. Blue Star Families estimates as much as 67% of military members report challenges in fertility. However, service-related impacts on fertility have been a challenge to prove, leaving many families scrambling to make decisions post-deployment.

This is a problem. Military members are offering everything in service to their country, and in return, they face greater challenges starting or continuing families. They may not have the opportunity to choose when and where to begin family planning, and once discharged, they could find themselves beyond the chance to begin.

Legacy believes that sperm testing offers an essential baseline for fertility and health, so establishing a foundation before deployment is a critical component of decision-making for health. This partnership provides an easy pathway for service members to handle this part of their health without coming out of pocket for traditional fertility services.

Legacy offers a simple pathway for fertility health

When Legacy combines forces with the Foundation, we’ll be able to offer a foundation of fertility health — sperm testing and freezing for 25,000 active duty service members assigned to 1st Special Forces Command. Legacy can offer service members the peace of mind of having a clear fertility baseline and the healthiest sperm stored for family planning on their own terms and on their own time.

Legacy offers the most accurate, clinical-grade semen analysis that service members can complete at home. Green Berets will be able to store up to four vials of their sperm in two separate world-class storage facilities for free for a full year under this program. They can use Legacy’s reinvented user dashboard to monitor their sperm health, receive lifestyle recommendations based on over 100 data points to help improve fertility and receive testing results within 24 hours of the lab receiving samples.

Green berets have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Sperm is an important biomarker of health and can be another measure of military readiness. It now sits alongside heart, vision, hearing, and other physical aptitude testing, but it’s also so much more.

We’re hoping to take one more worry off the table

Service members can protect their fertility in less than 72 hours. Even with impending deployments, there’s a significant chance a Green Beret can take control of fertility health quickly without much upheaval in their lives. Enough is going on to prepare to leave, and fertility testing shouldn’t take a significant chunk of the time they have to make arrangements and spend time with loved ones.

That’s what Legacy offers. Our advanced semen analysis facilitates fast testing — the most accurate on the market — with military-grade encryption to protect results and information. 98% of military members will be exposed to fertility-impacting chemicals during deployment, but it no longer means an automatic entry into fertility challenges. Now, Green Berets can freeze sperm at its healthiest to start or continue families on their own time.

Even now, service members have begun taking control of fertility. They’re freezing sperm for spouses to use in IVF while they’re deployed and ensuring their families continue despite the challenges of military service. Our hope is that Legacy can ease the number of worries and concerns Green Berets take with them to the field.

Legacy continues its mission to make fertility planning accessible to all

Legacy’s mission will always be making fertility an integral part of your overall health picture, giving you the tools you need to make decisions for family planning and for your future health goals. Providing service members with access to these tests is one way we can give something back to people who sacrifice and risk so much for their community and country.

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